Meet Coach Barbie

Weight Loss Hero

          Once upon a time, my hips were around 45 inches, weighing 96kg. Standing only at 5’2 tall, I was super big.

          I remember how hopeless I felt as it took days to lose just one kilo… To think that I had to lose 51kg! That is 112 pounds…

          Did I fail? Yes!

          Did I start over?? ”huh many times’...

          But did you know what I didn’t do?? I DIDN’T GIVE UP!!

          It so easy to become discouraged on the road that seems to last forever.

          But remember: Time is going to pass anyway. Every 5 pounds closer to my goal, my confidence increased. Every pant size I lost made me excited to go shopping.

          We have to learn to love ourselves on the journey and to find victories in small things. Those small things can add up to very big things in the end.

          To all Ka-Proweightloss and those who want to join me as we fight obesity:

          Days like today are defining moments in our journey. They can cause us to go in circles, stay out of control or allow us to gain control of the situation.

          There's no better time to decide than now. You are going to INVEST in YOU. Set some short term goals!

          Lastly, don’t beat yourself up. A positive life never comes from that. Just decide about that starting now. You are going to do better and better each day…

          You can do it!!! DON’T GIVE UP!



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