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AZCaliva Corporation is committed in providing a diverse range of healthcare products to our customers.  We believe that every human being should be given an opportunity to live life to the fullest, to sustainably experience life at the best physical and mental state possible. 


With probiotics-content products, AZCaliva Corporation aims at a healthier body for all and manifests a recognition of how sacred life is as a gift from God and leading people to stewardship of this gift both for the glory of God and for personal and social benefits.


AZCaliva Corporation holds high its prime product—ProVita Probiotics with B Vitamins which contains 10 billion Colony Forming Units (CFU) and 16 Strains of Bacteria that are beneficial to the overall health of people.  AZCaliva Corporation does not only concern itself to commercialism, but focuses on the holistic wellbeing of individuals: biological, mental, social, psychological and spiritual aspects. 


AZCaliva Corporation collaborates with Taiwan Formulator and Manufacturer to ensure the quality and efficacy of the products for a wonderful result on the end-users.  Legally regulated by Philippine Food and Drug Administration under the Department of Health, AZCaliva Corporation also ensures that all products are medical safe and satisfactory to all clients.


While AZCaliva Corporation upholds the preservation of overall health condition, AZCaliva Corporation’s ProVita particularly highlights weight loss as a counterattack to obesity and all its underlying illness and diseases. Knowing the unscrupulous effect of obesity not only on health but on the holistic aspect of a person, AZCaliva Corporation aims at eradicating such demeaning situation, enhancing the systemic function of the body for a healthier life.

AZCaliva Corporation believes that it is by how people treat their body that manifest the person’s inner self and perspective in life. 

Although a rookie company, AZCaliva Corporation is able to establish a name in the probiotics industry in the Philippines.  Several recognitions were given to the company acknowledging the indispensable contribution of the company to health by providing quality products coupled with excellent customer service.  AZCaliva Corporation continues to better itself in order to better serve all men.


 To widen the horizon of AZCaliva Corporation and be updated with the recent technologies on probiotics, AZCaliva Corporation is reaching out and applying for membership with other organizations concerning probiotics both national and international.  With this, AZCaliva shows its passionate desire to better its product quality and customer service for the benefit of all who patronize their products.  As of today, AZCaliva and ProVita Probiotics is known to be an effective food supplement that enhances human health.